I'm a Brazilian photographer living in New York and sharing a little bit of my life, experiences, and thoughts in this blog.

I created my blog to narrow the distance between old friends, family, and new friends around the world. Here the most important things are to share experiences, knowledge, and dreams...



I am what I choose... Addicted to dreams, passionate about words. A multifaceted identity, a lot of ideas, and a number of ways to build... From an early age, I chose to write initially for internal use, until I decided to share my imagination and translate my ideas and emotions into stories.

I love telling stories and inventing them. I've written novels for teenagers and a novel for adults... At the moment, I'm writing my next novel and, in between, I share some reflections here. The idea is, perhaps, to initiate a dialogue.




I'm from Rio and addicted to travel ... Reaching an unknown place is an unspeakable emotion that I would love to share here on the blog. I am passionate about languages and I left my career in marketing to teach English, to make translations and to travel...

I think I can give awesome tips about where I've been. Oh, I'm also Babi's best friend and Gigi's godmother.